Machine Learning Industry Research

Ian Hellström | 8 February 2021 | 1 min read

Check out the latest industry research for enterprise machine learning.

On I collect the latest industry research on machine learning in the enterprise. It consists of highlights and details with links to the original sources and publication dates, so that you can quickly decide whether the insight is relevant and current enough.

Here is a screenshot of the highlights:

For each individual insight, prediction, or quotation, the original source and publication date are listed:

So, bookmark and check for the latest research summarized by yours truly. I intend to update these notes regularly, so please come back whenever you are in need of a dose of industry research.

The page is generated automatically from research notes I collect in YAML. Whenever a note is added, it triggers a CI/CD pipeline to build a static HTML page with Jinja2, after which that page is deployed to Firebase. The style sheet is an adaptation of the one for Oracle SQL and PL/SQL Coding Guidelines.